How to organize your makeup products

How to organize your makeup products

This blog is dedicated to all the OCD’s who will organize their makeup products. 

This blog is dedicated to all the OCD’s who will organize their makeup products.  Shilpa Gowda, a well-known makeup artist and tutor in Bengaluru. In the WOW Academy and Saloon – students learn makeup and how to organize the products.

Yes, it is essential to be organized has the makeup trainers will be travelling places and to keep their space clean is one of the most important USP’.

And, here are ‘WOW TIPS’ to you organize your makeup products:

  1. A separate vanity: Yes, a separate vanity fair at your home space or room is much needed.  Keeping all your makeup essentials and products in order or colour based makes it more attractive.
  2. The drawer makes it clean: They can also help keep your items from rolling around in your drawer. Artistry touts drawer organizers because they allow you to stack your products vertically, which saves space
  3. Clear Organizers: We’re fans of clear organizers that allow you to see your products—after all, if you’re able to see it, you’re more likely to use it, and if you can’t see it, you likely won’t touch it.

4. Mirror and Shelf Space: Your favourite stuff won’t get lost in the shuffle of everything else you own so easily if you set it on top of your mirror. Make your mirror work for you by making it the prime spot to place your go-to hairspray or whatever products you’re loving at the moment.

5. Divide it into products: All your brushes in a qualm, backup products on a shelf, essential makeup items in a drawer and regularly used on a table makes it more organized. 


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